Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Basket

Block Three, Basket, has caused a few problems. The handle!!! When I began I failed to look ahead, which is a bad habit of mine [I too often forget the old adage; "a stitch in time saves nine"], and I blithely sailed, or sewed, ahead, quickly realising I had forgotten to stitch the handle in place. Oh, that was easily fixed, though it did hold me back a little.

It was 'rounding' the handle that made me a person not quite so nice to be near ... well until I worked out a way to do it. As I am hand-stitching this handle was exasperating enough, but glory be, had I been machining the block I am sure my hair would be standing upright, if still in place. However I prevailed. Block Three, the basket is completed.

Four looks easier! The photo makes the block look skew-wiff ... blame the photographer! ''Tis I."

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