Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt ... Blocks 17 and 18

Block 17 ~ Cats and Mice looked easy and as I had just the right fabrics I began this with great enthusiasm.  Sad to say I ran into problems; problems that caused me to put this block aside.  A week later I looked at it again, unpicked a little, but could see no way of correcting the mistake, though I dare say there was ... I had a mental block for this block!  In fact it would be true to say the cats and mice block was playing a game of cat and mouse with me.

Block 18 ~ Century of Progress created no problems.  I began and completed this rather striking block in one evening.

Being determined not to let one block cause me futher angst, and no way was this block going to be put off until the last, I cut out the pieces, and stitched again.  While this block is not perfect I am [almost] satisfied with it.  It is complete!  I know the main reason for the mess I made and have determined that any further blocks with 'template 13' in it will be attacked with a determination not to let it beat me. 

By the way, template 13 is the little triangle, in Cats and Mice, with emphasis on little!


Liz said...

Both blocks look good. You are doing so well.

Michell said...

They look great. You are motoring along. Makes me dtermined to do more of my Civil War Love Letters Blocks