Sunday, June 26, 2011


Block 19, Checkerboard conjures up images of a family, settled down for the evening, with a checkerboard on the kitchen table, the family enjoying a simple game and pleasures that sadly have so often today been usurped by the 'box in the corner'.  Junior, no doubt, tries a little cheating, but is quickly drawn into line ... valuable lessons of how to conduct oneself learned from familial competition of a game of Checkers.

This block was a joy to stitch.  I have decided, after the frustrations of Cats and Mice, to draw not only the inside of the template, but also the outside.  Result?  Accuracy! 

There is something pleasurable about sitting in a comfortable arm chair, light over my shoulder to give a working brightness, listening to 'my football team' finally winning a game, and a gentle heat from the pot belly stove, fired with wood gathered on the property and sawn into suitable lengths, warming the room.  I could almost be back in the 1920's!

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Karen's Korner said...

Your blocks are progressing nicely - I love the fabrics that you have chosen for each and enjoying the story that goes with them.