Saturday, September 24, 2011

Block 33 Farmer's Puzzle

Farmer's Puzzle caused some worries, not because of its difficulty, but because I could not find a suitable fabric for the 'puzzle' in my stash.  Nothing stood out.  In the end a trip to the fabric shop solved the problem.
I found the letter that related to this block endearing.  It's author lived in the country, moved to the city and had an education, but fell in love with a farmer.  She moved back to the land, despising everything except her husband.  In an effort to reconcile her dislike she listed the Pros and Cons of country life.

  1. Husband interested and contented.
  2. Independence, and so many hours together.
  3. Higher moral tone than city life.
  4. Abundance of room and fresh air.
  5. Fresh eggs, milk and vegetables.
  1. Mud.
  2. Inconveniences.
  3. Lack of money.
  4. Lack of water.
  5. Lack of society.
  6. Lack of beauty.
  7. Monotony of diet.
  8. Monotony of thought.
  9. Untidyness of everything.
  10. "Early to bed, early to rise".
She did reach a compromise!  Remember this was in the 1920's, but whether then, or today, compromises need to be made whether living in town or country.


Liz said...

Really like the fabric you have chosen.!!!
the letter is a lovely insight into choices we all make in life. !!

Karen's Korner said...

I would not make a good farmers wife then or now. I am sure that the choices have not changed much. Another lovely block