Monday, August 29, 2011

Block 30 ~ End of Day

The meaning of this block came to me in an instant.  We can all identify with the end of a day with the sun setting in a golden orb in the west and casting shadows over the garden.  There is a feeling of inextricable peace before the darkness of the night descends. 

It only took a few moments to extract the fabrics I needed from my box of stash ... picturing the garden in shadows I chose the gold to represent the setting sun, the light print for the sunshine area of the garden and the darker print for that part in shadows.
As my journey along the Farmer's Wife Quilt meaders along I find myself becoming immersed in what each block represents, and wonder who invented each block and why.

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Karen's Korner said...

You are certainly on a roll with these lovely blocks - you will be half way before you know it.